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Hypnosis and its younger sister, Self-Hypnosis, are 2 of the most powerful TOOLS FOR CHANGE to date !!!

Be sure that you want to change before you search out a certified Hypnotherapist, because CHANGE YOU WILL !!

A Hypnotherapist, by quieting your Conscious Mind, is able to access the most POWERFUL CHANGE MECHANISM you have--- Your Subconscious Mind !!

Ever wonder why you haven't been able to lose those "last 10 pounds" or to stop smoking, on your own ?? Your Conscious Mind sabotaged the change you were trying to make !!

One of the most important jobs that your Conscious Mind performs for you is to MAINTAIN HOMEOSTASIS --keep everything as it is, so to speak. If your Conscious Mind is maintaining Homeostasis, do you really think that CHANGE is something that your Conscious Mind wants to happen ? Absolutely not !!!! Change is anathema to your Conscious Mind.

Change occurs in the Subconscious Mind, and HYPNOSIS allows your Hypnotherapist to access your most FERTILE CHANGE AGENT, your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND !!! By helping you to relax your Conscious Mind to the point that your Subconscious Mind can take over !!!

Your Subconscious mind is like a child, always open and ready to play and to experience change. CHANGE is your Subconscious Mind's best friend !!

And so, the next time you start to beat yourself up about not losing those last 10 pounds, or whatever change you have not accomplished as quickly as you wanted, remember what you have learned here.

CHANGE OCCURS IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. If you have tried to make dramatic life changes in a conscious state(and therefore operating in your Conscious Mind), and failed....what a surprise !!!!

So stop beating yourself up and read on to find out what a good certified Hypnotherapist can do for you!!!

But remember, before you start, make sure that you're ready for a change !!

As a certified Hypnotherapist, I will prepare CUSTOM-MADE hypnosis recordings for your personal use! Enjoy the freedom and effortlessness of change in your very own home!


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